Urban Decay Pioneers Quick Response Codes for Video

This is pretty cool.

Next time you’re at Sephora wondering just how to use that shadow primer, Urban Decay‘s got you covered. The brand is the first to use QR codes (Quick Response Codes) and just launched the technology at Sephora. Displayed adjacent to select products, the QR codes allow shoppers with smart phones to access exclusive how-to videos featuring founder Wende Zomnir. Four initial videos have been created so far. When one of the four codes are scanned, a different educational video will start on your phone.

• Eyeshadow Primer Potions 
Urban Decay’s #1 best-selling product – learn how to use it and different looks for each luxe primer shade
• Lipstick
A how-to explanation on why anyone can rock dark shades of lipstick
• All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray 
What it is, what is does, how to use it
• Naked Palette
 A behind-the-scenes look at Urban Decay’s photo shoot

It’s user-friendly. These QR codes work with almost any phone that has a web browser and camera (iphone, droid, blackberry, etc). Simply download the free app at gettag.mobi and then point your phone at the code and scan the icon–as soon as the video is downloaded, shoppers are able to instantly access videos, tips and tricks. To see next video, just close the app and scan the next code. Urban Decay’s QR codes use a Microsoft tag (the same ones you’ll see in Conde Nast’s magazines like Lucky and Allure).

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