Glamper: Urban Outfitters Ruffled Laundry Bag

In the diorama that is my New York stu stu studio, my breaking, icky hamper is on full display, thanks to my diminutive closet space. I just discovered this Urban Outfitters gorge grey ruffled laundry bag (a glamper!), which would look much better than my past-its-prime dinky white mesh one AND goes with my Anthropologie Cirrus Duvet purchased over two years ago that I still adore AND my ruffled shower curtain. I HAD to purchase it (at $36, it wasn’t too egregious a price), when Hillary pointed out that it is the ONLY way to do laundry.

In short, the new rule regarding anything in the world: If it’s grey and ruffled, it’s mine.

Purchase your own for yourself or your laundress at

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