Summer Makeup Tips, Courtesy of Carmindy

Dolls, the other day I attended an event where my gal Carmindy showcased the latest and greatest from her Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy line. It has to be said: This line is actually my FAVE drugstore brand. The formulations are so luxe, the colors so natural and wearable that items from it make up quite a large ratio of my ever-growing makeup bag. Best of all, it’s even paraben-free and full of natural botanicals to benefit skin while helping you look your best. Here, some summer makeup tips–ranging from how to apply makeup to sunburnt skin to the perfect hot-summer-night cosmetic concept–she shared with us:

How to Apply Makeup When You’re Plagued with a Sunburn

Carmindy suggests you heal it first with aloe vera or moisturizer. Then, apply a liquid foundation–its soothing properties will aid in the recovery process. Stick it in the fridge for a welcome cool blast, then dab it on with a non-latex sponge–using a brush or your fingers will further irritate skin. “Stipple it on, because that skin is injured,” advises Carmindy. Skip blush. “There’s no need.” Rock her Champagne Rose Lipstick, which mimics the color of the inside of your lip. Next, highlight, don’t contour. “Contouring implies you have to shading to create something that’s not there,” she explains. “Highlighting is a positive: It brings out your best features rather than hiding something.” Use powder highlight around the eye/cheekbone area, along with the browbone and the inner corners of the eye. “Above all,” exclaims Carmindy “be positive when putting on makeup! Your eyes aren’t droopy, they’re BEDROOM eyes, etc.”

Makeup Ideas for a Summer Night Out

Carmindy suggests starting with her absolutely CRUCIAL All Over Brightener ($9). I’d forgotten how fabulous this gem is. Don’t be put off by its lavender hue; topped on a layer of foundation, it kicks ass at brightening and camouflaging dark circles. Carmindy advises using it in a diagonal line from your outer eye corners to the edge of your brow for an instant lift. It’s also fabulous for for the 40+ crowd to minimize the appearance of nasolabial folds. She recommends controlling your coverage by mixing up your own tinted moisturizer using a dab of her foundation ($13) mixed into your own favorite hydrator. For a night out, apply her super-glidable (the way I imagine Clive Owen is in person–smooooooth) Forever Stay Eye Pencil in Deep Jade ($8), a crisp green with sick durability. She says to line your top lashes with it, but opt for a shadow used as liner on the bottom in amethyst, applied with a slanted liner brush. Finish with a swipe of her punchy new Forever Stay Moisture Gloss in Creamsicle, a bright coral. Want to go the lipstick route instead? “Put it on your pinky and PUSH it onto lips in the summer for a more a minimally chic look,” suggest Carmindy. Revel in your gorgeness and pity the fool who has the misfortune of standing next to you at a rooftop party.

How are you changing your routine for summer?

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