Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Winner Review

Lucky winner Cynthia cleaned up with a sneak peek AND year’s supply of Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Body Washes (missed my review? Click here!) and generously provided BBJ readers a detailed account of her experience with the two products–Deep Penetrating Moisture and Exfoliate and Replenish. How did she fare? Read on to find out.

There’s nothing better than winning a giveaway unless it’s winning something that you not only need, but want. I won a year’s supply of body washes – Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Washes to be specific. I’ve now used both formulas: the Deep Penetrating Moisture and the Exfoliate and Replenish. Even though I don’t have to purchase any new body wash for a year, I plan to definitely buy this when I run out. According to Olay, this is their most advanced body wash. Total Effects goes beyond cleansing to deeply moisturize and fight 7 signs of aging all over your body. It claims to improve elasticity, relieves dryness, deeply moisturizes, brightens dull skin, even skin tone, smooth rough skin, and minimize the appearance of dry lines. Well, after 1 shower I did notice softer, smoother skin. We’ll see about the improved elasticity and young-looking and radiance–but I’m hopeful. My 50-year-old skin could sure use it.

The product is lightly fragranced and produces a creamy rich lather. The silkiness subtly clings to the skin after you towel off. Olay has applied their skin care technology for anti-aging to benefit body skin and this product proves that you can pamper your body as much as your face. Total Effects launches this month and, at $6, it should be in your shower ASAP. My old favorite was Olay Body Wash plus Radiance Ribbons, but Total Effects is my new favorite and staple.

Thanks for your thorough, thoughtful review, Cynthia! Gals, will you be trying this one out? Let me know in the comments. Want a chance to win one of three LeSportsac cosmetic and pencil bag combos? Click here to enter.

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