Yeah. I’m Really Going Camping.

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5 Comments Yeah. I’m Really Going Camping.

  1. Bailey (Makeover Momma)

    You are too funny! My second date with my husband (who was then a wild, summer fling- hehe) was going camping for the weekend. We have photos of me with my huge purse, sitting on a lake while he fishes. At the time total Boca girl, but now I’m slightly down with it…

  2. Tamron Lohan

    WTF!?!??!?!?!??!?! listeb! i feel like this is NOT the glambr i know! are you going to buy a pair of BIRKS next!?!??!?! ugh. good luck, and i HOPE you do a post about the benies of the dead sea on one’s VISAGE!


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