Beauty Bloggerati’s Fave Posts Ever

This week, I’ve asked the Beauty Bloggerati to supply me with their fave posts EVER. Check out the BB’s best posts. Mine is the one I wrote about get shiny shoulders like Kim Cattrall’s in Mannequin.

How to recreate Amanda Seyfried’s hair in Mamma-Mia:
[The Jet Set Girls]

Erika’s must-have makeup brushes
[Makeup Bag]

Eva Longoria Parker’s and Hayden Panettiere’s new bob haircuts
[Talking Makeup]

A video about how to achieve quick, affordable beach hair
[Makeover Momma]

This one still cracks Daneen up–and she wrote it 2 years ago. I think you’ll find it it simultaneously hilarious and informative.
[Spoiled Pretty]

A walk-through of Hair Thursday’s carefree waves routine–just be sure you don’t make the bathroom smell like a damn s’more:
[Hair Thursday]

In the words of Mama Cass, make your own kind of lip palette
[Product Girl]

How can you make your eyes look bigger?
[Makeup Geek]

Tammy schools you on Brazilian Keratin Treatments.
[A Mom In Red High Heels]

Karen learned one important life lesson from writing this post –walking around a major metropolitan city in broad daylight with a prosthetic cat nose is *much easier* than you’d think.
[Makeup And Beauty Blog]

Lisa chopped four inches off of her hair and cried like a baby!
[These Lips Were Made For Glossing]

Elessa provides us with a hair tutorial: How to get curls like Emma Watson

Oh, hello Lindsay Lohan.
[Beauty On A Dime]

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