Sixties Cinema Scenes Week: New AXE Sleek Smooth & Sophisticated Look Shine Pomade

Dolls, observe Lyon Burke (played by steamy Paul Burke), leading man (slash cad) with Anne Welles (played by Barbara Parkins) in Valley of the Dolls (1967). Two things: 1. Yes, it is not an accident that I ALSO have a beige couch with red throw pillows. I do everything Anne Welles does. 2. I sort of love the way Lyon’s hair is all slick and retro. VERY Don Draper, n’est-ce pas?

To achieve this look, men, you must invest in some AXE Sleek Smooth & Sophisticated Look Shine Pomade ($6). It yields long-lasting shine and a smooth, polished look. This brand is SERIOUS about helping dudes find products that make them more attractive to women. AXE has talked to girls and research reveals that 74% of them agree that hair is one of the first things they notice about a guy. I agree, AXE. But AXE found from talking to dudes that only 29% of them think hair is important when it comes to attracting a girl. Sounds like a disconnect, huh? Hair is hurting guys’ game, and they have no idea. I love AXE Sleek for its subtle texture it imparts, but ALSO for its fresh minty scent. I find men’s products geared toward the age group to which AXE markets can tend to smell a little… Abercrombie & Fitch. But this one was designed with the help of nose Ann Gottlieb, a major player in the fragrance industry.

AXE Sleek Smooth & Sophisticated Look Shine Pomade will be available in September at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.

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