Particularly Pretty Palettes Worthy of Bob Ross

In the ’80s, I watched a strange amount of Bob Ross‘s The Joy of Painting. GOD that show was fantast, no? Super serene Bob and his ‘fro, in the room of blackness, with his enorm palette in front of no nature view whatsoever painting from memory gorgeous scenes of ornate flora onto his canvas with astounding realism. I used to gasp with HORROR when he’d scrape a huge vertical line into the CENTER of a masterpiece only to be thrilled when he “patted” on little leaves to make it look like a totes authentic tree. OH! And when he’d use a dry brush to “pull” a reflection of a scene into a pond? The man was MAGICAL, straight up.

Remember the way he pronounced “titanium Hwhite?” (pronounced much the way The Family Guy‘s Stewie pronounces “Cool Hwhip.”) That man made me believe if I’d only invest in some paint and brushes, I too could pull off tableaux of artistic grandeur. So what if my canvas ended up being… my face? So, in honor of Bob, “happy little trees” and monster palettes, I present to thee this round-up of my fave makeup palettes. Observe:

Limited Edition Estee Lauder Signature Eyeshadow Quad with Hammered Gold Design ($35)

NARS Artist Palette ($65)
Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Beethoven ($34)
Dior JazzClub Total Eyelook Makeup Clutch ($65)
Prescriptives Well-suited Eye Color Compact–Cool ($40)

Which is your fave? The Dior JazzClub is kind of blowing my hair back, to quote my new fave blog Shmitten Kitten. Tell me your faves in the comments.

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2 Comments Particularly Pretty Palettes Worthy of Bob Ross

  1. All Lacquered Up

    Too funny! I would watch Bob on Saturday mornings with my mom. We even got her one of his paint sets for Christmas. My dad built her an easel and everything. Do you know that paint set is still in their house, completely shrink-wrapped? It’s not far from the magical sewing machine that she’s used a whole one time from her “seamstress” phase.


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