ACUVUE Oasys Contact Lenses with Hydraclear Plus

ACUVUE Oasys contacts have changed my lifestyle. I’ll get into how, exactly, but first: storytime: Until a couple weeks ago, I’d rocked the same contacts since I GOT contacts… in eighth grade. So like, since I was watching copious amounts of The State, rocking Aeropostale olive green thermal knit henleys, playing The Legend of Zelda and listening to Pearl Jam. Intense levels of brand loyalty. My former Focus 1-2 Week lenses were perfectly fine. But I didn’t know how much more comfortable lenses could be until I tried out ACUVUE Oasys. Since I end up rocking my contacts until roughly… a million o’clock every night blogging and checking my always-full inbox, I actually require a lens that will re-wet itself throughout the day. Hydraclear Plus are more wettable and have a high oxygen transmission that you can actually feel when you’re wearing them.

Also, I was in desperado need of a new prescription after an incident at work where I waved a hilarious wave (imagine a flirty, all fingers fluttering wave) to this dude I know at work only to realize (after being on the receiving end of his puzzled expression) that I’d waved to a STRANGER. It was NOT the dude I’m friends with. I figured that my prescription had changed for the worse in the last year or so and promptly scheduled an appointment with Dr. Susan Resnick, OD, who came highly recommended from my gal Sheara. Dr. Resnick is hilarious and a total doll. Not only did she not launch a campaign to convince me to undergo Lasik (the idea of someone scraping at my EYEBALL while I’m awake freaks me out) as all my other eye doctors have, she tested my eyes and discovered that my vision has actually IMPROVED a little baby bit. My nearsightedness is slightly less severe, hence my inability to see: my lenses were too STRONG. She prescribed me my new ACUVUE Oasys lenses and told me that I simply need to remember to rub them whilst cleaning to ensure they don’t get protein deposits and even gave me a spare pair to leave with. I liked the way they fit my steep corneas (Dr. Resnick confirmed that I indeed have steep ones. Cra, right?)

Dr. Resnick is located at 30 East 60th Street New York, NY. Call 212-355-5145 to make an appointment with her. And, try ACUVUE Oasys with a free trial pair certificate and a $100 off rebate.

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