Lancome’s New Candy Pink Polish To Hit Shelves In November

Dolls, I’ve been at a Beauty Bloggerati conference and beauty crawl all day with Daily Makeover. On the crawl, we hit up Fresh, L’Occitane, Space.NK, Kiehl’s and Lancôme . At Lancôme , I admired VP of Public Relations Kerry Diamond’s totes adorbs candy pink manicure. It’s a peony-esque candy pink. Not too dark, not too light: A rich, medium high-gloss cream. It was definitely worth a convo. I asked her what it was, thinking I’d probably just buy it for myself whilst at the Lancome boutique. It turns out, it’s a color coming out in November that has something to do with a charity project the brand is working on with Anne Hathaway that somehow involves candy. Kerry, gem that she is, told me that though it’s been top secret, she’d allow me to share the deets (though cryptic) as a BBJ exclusive. You heard it here first! I wish I’d snapped a pic! You’ll have to wait till November to see it, but I promise, it’ll be well worth the wait.

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