Dashing Diva’s New Slim Diva Mani Pedi

June 27-August 31, Dashing Diva salons will feature its new Slim Diva Pedicure or Manicure at any of the 12 Dashing Diva nail spas in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. I love DD’s commitment to theme mani/pedis, don’t you? I enjoyed the Slim Diva mani yesterday, and while I’m not sure my arms were slimmer post-service, I did love the intensive massage and the mixture of orange and peppermint oils used. The best part? It even comes with a yum yum yum orange cocktail. Per ush, my manicure is glossy and my polish choice of Social Climbing, a light, subtle pink is the perf color for summer (even if it looks more like October outside).

The Slim Diva manicure or pedicure is a citrus infused service that uses a squeezing massage technique with citrus aroma oil to help break down cellulite and relieve muscle tension.

First, feet or hands are soaked in warm water with lemon slices, then the Slim Diva message, finished with cuticle care and a polish from the Manhattan Collection.

Slim Diva Manicure & Pedicure is $68
Slim Diva Pedicure alone is $48

Prices may vary per location.

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1 Comment Dashing Diva’s New Slim Diva Mani Pedi

  1. Catherine @ Salescoop

    Wow Dashing Diva never cease to amaze me with their up-to-date mani&pedis. I think the slim diva mani pedi has a great potential of working, because I know some people use different massage techniques to slim their facial structure as well as allover their body (hard to believe, I know) I would love to see how this works out, and even if it doesn’t I am so down for the orange cocktail on a hot summer day!


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