Stuff In My Water.

Lucky‘s Simone Kitchens recently waxed poetic about drinking-more-water tactics. She mentioned that fellow Lucky editor Cat Marnell‘s tip is incorporating sliced cucumbers into the mix, which I think is totes gene.

Similarly, Babassface sold me a few months ago on the eight-glasses-a-day-SERIOUSLY idea with her fantastical experience. I find tap water absolutely revolting on its own, but I can’t lug enormous bottles of Poland Spring on my commute to work (which already includes a ten-minute on-foot portion), so I’m always looking for new jazz-up-my-H20 ideas. I rarely drink water straight. In fact, I’m pretty sure my Native American name would be something along the lines of… Stuff In My Water. Here’s a comprehensive list from the most obvious (Captain Obvious) to the least obvious (Private Obvious).

Captain Obvious
Lemons and lemon juice. Lime also works, obv. What’s slightly less obvious is keeping one of those lemon juice squeezers that look like a lemon in your fridge so you don’t have to cut up a lemon every time you’re thirstinHowell. Some extra juice and a couple of Splenda packets = poor gal’s lemonade.

Lieutenant Obvious
Crystal Light packets have artificial sweeteners, but improve your water-drinking experience by 87%. I’ve measured it.

Sergeant Obvious
Various fruits and vegetables. Try cucumbers (per Cat’s tip), apples, mango, various melons, carrots, and kiwi. It’s like sangria! But not.

Corporal Obvious
the gnarly, nubby kind is a detoxifying wake-up call to your daily drink. Peel it and cut it into small slices. It also relieves nausea. I find it vital for hangover days. A sort of ginger ale for the Martha Stewart set, if you will. Try it on out.

Private Obvious

Dr. Brandt Anti-Oxidant Water Booster in Blueberry ($35)
Yes, that’s a lot of money. But one little bottle will last you six months if you do as I do. Keep it at work and drop in the contents of one dropper over the course of the workday. Just enough to make your tap water taste like delish blueberry, but not so much that it seems like you’re drinking juice. It does sort of flake within the cup, making it look a bit strange (if this bothers you, simply drop in the Water Booster first, then add water–it’ll mix better), but it tastes divine and provides you with the benefits of 15 cups of green tea.

Want to do everything I do? I drink mine out of my new Earthlust 20-ounce Dragon Fly bottle ($18). Is it not GORGE? Nalgenes are so 2008. I keep mine at work and Jim refers to its dragon fly who lives on it as a “dining needle.” He said it by accident one day (what does that even MEAN?) and it continues to crack us up.

What are your water-drinking ideas? And do you do the eight-glasses-a-day thing? Tell me in the comments.

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15 Comments Stuff In My Water.

  1. Mytzy

    I can totally speak for Dr. Brandt Antioxidant Water Booster. It is worth the investment. It helps me with energy, without getting the jitters. I also have noticed that your skin changes, and starts looking glowy. Plus, drinking all the water makes cleans out your body.

  2. Abbey Strine

    So you might believe this but other than the lemon i had not heard of any of the other ideas. I am trying to drink more water lately. I will be trying all of these. Maybe not the carrots though.Thanks:)

  3. By the Case

    I want that Anti-oxidant water booster! But I probably can’t find that here :/ I’m fine with just drinking water as it is though but peeing cosntantly can get a bit annoying–and noticeable especially in the workplace. People think something is wrong with you lol :/

  4. Anonymous

    One normal water bottle is about 16-20 ounces, so if your drinking 8 of those that’s really more like 16 glasses a day.

    I can’t drink water with ice or if it’s too cold. Room temperature helps me stay super hydrated and helps me drink around 80 to 100 ounces a day.

  5. Katie

    Great tips! I drink at least 8 glasses a day. Usually more. I don’t usually mind plain tap water if it’s super cold, but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up. I like the True Lemon and True Lime packets or infusing it with cranberries.

    Your bottle is gorgeous. Mine is a SIGG that says “Make Love Not Landfills.”

  6. Linda for Ouidad

    These tips are great, Amber! Lemon is definitely a great way to spruce up an ordinary glass of water especially in the summer! So refreshing!


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