Jammahs’ Sleek New ‘Do

Though gals with straight hair are as ubiquitous as husband-hunting shiksas and speech pathologists in Murray Hill, my friend Jammahs has maintained her curls throughout the decade she spent living in NYC.

Now that she’s relocated to Khaki and Pearls Country (a phrase she coined that she, our friend Lauren and I use to refer to DC), she decided to “straighten up” her ‘do. She confesses to being inspired by Patti Stanger‘s constant encouragement for gals to go sleek in her show, The Millionaire Matchmaker.

Pictured, above: Jammahs after!

She decided to undergo the Brazilian Keratin Treatment ($300-$350) at Axis with stylist Jeanne. Her hair looks lustrous, yet voluminous, right gals? So often with chemical treatments, I find that shine is suspiciously absent, like Norm‘s (NOOOORM!) wife Vera on Cheers. She’s mentioned all the time, but plum never shows up.

Anywho, If you live in DC, I’d give this place a go. Or, if a salon treatment is simply not in your budget at the mo’, do look into Liquid Keratin
($69 for the starter kit).

Pictured, above: Jammahs’ before pic, looking all DC.

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