Green But Not Lame: Josie Maran Cosmetics

When pregnant with her daughter a few years ago, former face of Maybelline cosmetics Josie Maran searched for natural makeup formulas to use and discovered that none lived up to the sophistication and luxury levels she wanted. She then realized that after spending hundreds of hours in the makeup chair, she was uniquely qualified to create her own line of cosmetics, the type of chic yet healthy makeup that she was searching for. Not long after the birth of her daughter, Josie Maran Cosmetics was born. Priced from $18-$52, all Josie Maran Cosmetics formulas are created with natural, organic ingredients (including avocado, coconut, flax, jojoba, olive, soybean, beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter).

Each product comes in metallic rose packaging that is recyclable and/or biodegradable. The compacts are made of a corn based plastic (PLA), the lipsticks and concealers are all housed in aluminum, the argan oil bottled in glass, and the outer boxes are made from recycled stock and soy ink.

The other day, I had the opportunity to meet the gorgeous Josie and I have to tell you: the brand is a complete collection of natural cosmetics that don’t compromise luxury or beauty. I don’t have to tell you how rare that is. Not only do the products feel luxe and work perfectly–good color pay-off and everything–their argan oil formula gives them ample GLIDE. Glide is one of my cosmetic rubrics that I take very seriously. It’s crucial for eye liner, but in everything, even in shadow, it helps. It makes it adhere better to your skin and eliminates a potentially uncute chalky effect.

I took some time to familiarize myself with the collection (a FANTASTIC one, BTW) and have edited down my must-have list to a few key jewels. Check it:

Cream Blush ($22)

Tinted Moisturizer ($38–My shade is Butter)

Concealer in ($22–My shade is Creme)

Eye Shadow in Beach ($20)

Eye Liner in Brown ($18)

Lipstick in Rumi Joon ($18)

If you’re keeping it natural, you absolutely MUST try Josie Maran Cosmetics. It’s available at Sephora and

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