Ruffle Rouser: A Round-up of Ruffled Riches

Friends know this about me: I never met a ruffle I didn’t like.

My impending move (next Monday, wish me luck!) has left me with zero disposable income, so a couple weeks ago, I decided to make this Hawks by Geren Ford Ruffle Tank from Urban Outfitters ($78) my swan song purchase before moving to my stu stu studio. PS If you buy it, get it a size or two up. I’m normally a small, sometimes a medium, but I needed a large in this.

This Dani Ruffle Boot ($100) from Free People is haunting me. HAUNTING. I know it’s going to be one of those things I think about years later, plagued by the OPPOSITE of buyer’s remorse. Its hidden wedge heel enchants me. I’d rock it with the shirt above and have a whole ruffle SITUATION. It IS on sale. Just saying.

Lastly, I present thee with the Cha Cha Entourage Bag in Blueberry ($365 – just a dollar a day for a YEAR, right?) I mean, DEATH. Truly, it’s not exactly ruffled, but its nonlinear silhouette is EVOCATIVE of a ruffle, right? If this bag graced my closet, it’d surely be the Vincent Chase amongst the other Dramas, Turtles, and Es in my wardrobe. The braided straps are PRESH, n’est-ce pas? I normally don’t love to rock blue (I sort of live in a warmer palette), but this cornflower-purple hybrid awakens something in my very SOUL.

What ruffled items are you loving of late? Share in the comments!

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