New Offerings from Spanx and Assets

So, let’s be real with each other.

I’m moving, as you know, and that entails going through ALL of my stuff and separating out the stuff that’s seen better days. I just weeded out my tights and camis and I have to tell you that pretty much the last brand standing is Spanx/Assets. Seriously. That shiz is just DURABLE. I have Spanx camis from five or six YEARS ago and Spanx and Assets tights from two years ago that are going to be joining me in my new stu stu studio. In “tights years” especially, that’s an eternity. SATC‘s Miranda Hobbes couldn’t even use her “I’ve had pantyhose longer than their relationship” joke with regard to Spanx and Assets. Because anyone who’s rocked either knows they’re super strong. Spanx has launched several new patterns:

New Patterns:
Trinket, Houndstooth, Corset, Gate, & Garter; Colors: Black, Bittersweet, & Charcoal

New Open Weave Patterns:
Damask & Chain Stripe; Colors: Black & Nude

I’m loving the Trinket pattern in the gorge Charcoal. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on them.

Also, Assets (Spanx’s more budget-friendly line) has launched its own website at I recommend you stock the heck up on:

Assets Fantastic Firmers Adjustable Strap Cami ($20-22)
These suck you in and boast a curvy shape to take your hips into account (because Assets acknowledges that we HAVE them).

Lastly, Spanx’s high end lingerie-inspired line, Haute Contour, has launched! Hailed “the dessert of shapewear,” this collection is both pretty and powerful. The line boasts lace and sexy sheer shaping camis with flattering necklines and soft, supporting micro-fiber. They can be worn inside or outside the boudoir. Saucy. There are also two mid-thigh shapers and a luxe lace thong. Haute Contour pieces come in Blush, Sterling and Pitch, sizes XS-L. Prices range from $88-$198.

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2 Comments New Offerings from Spanx and Assets

  1. DWJ

    I just found your blog today on Twitter but can I say I’m so glad I did. Immediately went to the Assets website to stock up. They never have the color or size I want in stock at Target! Thanks a bunch 🙂


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