BBJ Interviews Bruce Grayson, Head Makeup Artist for the Oscars!

Gals, I recently chatted with the personable Bruce Grayson once again about all things Oscar beauty. To read my pre-Primetime Emmys interview with him, click here. And don’t forget to check out the end of the post and enter to win a gift basket of Bruce’s favorite products!

As Olay Celebrity Makeup Artist AND Head of the Oscars Makeup Department, Bruce’s responsibilities are vast. They range from creating a look for the dancers’ segments of the show, managing a staff of 22 makeup artists, and the looks for all the presenters. Bruce was even involved with the beard Ben Stiller rocked when he presented with Natalie Portman. Here’s what Bruce had to say.

Beauty Blogging Junkie: What do you recommend makeup-wise to look good on TV–even in HD?
Bruce Grayson: Let your skin do the work. You want it to look glowing and healthy. To achieve this, I recommend using a good concealer to cover any redness or spots, but using a tinted moisturizer overall so that skin can shine through. Olay Definity Color Recapture ($21) is excellent for HD. I always marvel that luminizers and highlighters are so popular because all they do is mimic great skin! If your skin looks good, there’s no need for anything else. Also, any hard lines will look harsh on-screen, so I recommend blending eye makeup more than usual.

BBJ: What are three must-haves for looking red carpet-ready?
BG: Great skin, a translucent blush [Bruce likes tarte Cheek Stains] and playing up one focal point–either eyes, lips, skin or brows.

BBJ: How do stars prepare pre-Oscar night?
BG: They do a sort of beauty boot camp. The regime includes a skin care plan three weeks out (sometimes even six weeks out, if they’re really serious). You don’t want to wait until the last second when there are a lot of things that can be done in advance. It’s almost like a wedding. Stars see their facialist in advance, etc. Having a game plan is also key. Stars usually coordinate your makeup with their dresses a few days prior. Avoiding salt and drinking water will help stars look their best as well.

BBJ: What are your tips for applying faux lashes?
BG: I think they sort of get lost on a dark smoky eye. Lots of mascara works better in that situation. To get the most out of faux lashes, I’d cut a strip in half and apply them when you’re wearing a lighter shadow.

BBJ: Whose looks were you most into on the red carpet on Sunday night?
BG: I thought Jennifer Aniston looked fanastic – she was glowing. Kate Winslet‘s look was elegant simplicity, which is always the goal at the Oscars. Penelope Cruz was so impressive close up that my hands actually shook when I did her touch-up! I thought Tina Fey took it to a another level of glamour. So did Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson. Lastly, I thought Reese Witherspoon‘s flat lid color was stunning. There was no shimmer, just definition.

What products are the absolute staples of your makeup bag?
BG: Elizabeth Arden makes a fantastic eye blue/black eye pencil called Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Midnight ($16). MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder ($15) on the inner rim always looks great. Dior Shadows are so blendable and easy to apply. I always have a bunch of “in between” lip gloss shades–beige-pinks and peach-pinks are always necessary. I’ve been using Lancome Maquiriche La Duette Duo Eye Shadow in Soiree Noel ($10) a lot lately. Rosebud Salve ($6) is also a staple. I use it on men and women!

Guess what? I’ve partnered with Olay to offer you guys a chance to win a basket of Bruce’s favorite products! The entire Olay Definity product line, Pantene, Crest and other favorites of Bruce will be included. The basket is valued at $100. You have until Friday, March 7 at 5pm to enter. Good luck!

Thanks to Bruce for his insight!

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