Holiday Gift Guide a la Carte: CK Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Palette

ck Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Palette – Midnight ($35)
I knew this would happen. I’d put time, care, and energy into compiling several gift guides (there are still a few to come, BT dubs)… only to find out about something vital to share with you all after the fact. Such is the case with this GORGE shadow palette. I found out about it after compiling my Stocking Stuffer Guide. Consider this post an addendum to that one, mmkay?

Let’s have a little chat Heidi Klum-style about this palette. It contains six deeply-pigmented shades ranging from blacks to deep blues for the eyes. ALL of the colors are holiday party smoky eye rockable, but I am most deeply smitten kitten with that sparkly navy blue. That blue is a shimmery version of the hue used to make those duffle bags with investment banks’ monikers printed on the shoulder straps that cute finance dudes carry on the subway. I’m not sure which blue (that of the shadow or of the duffle) I’m more thrilled to see. One is the harbinger of a super sultry smokey stare while the other foreshadows flirtation.

I just can’t choose.

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  1. Beautilady

    Wow, I love this makeup palette cos they always come in with great color especially the navy blue which is one of the hottest eye shadow eye for 2008 Fall!! I like the palette case cos it’s simple and plain yet very stylish!

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