BBJ Interviews Carrie Ann Inaba!

I’ll bet you thought my NKOTB concert post had nothing to do with beauty, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Joey McIntyre was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, (BT dubs, he shows off some of his moves during the concert… just another reason to see it!) a show for which Carrie Ann Inaba is a judge! And I had the opportunity to ask Carrie Ann some pressing beauty questions.

Beauty Blogging Junkie: What is your never-skip part of your grooming routine?
Carrie Ann Inaba: I love products that provide me with quick and easy solutions that fit into my daily routine and healthy lifestyle. I use LISTERINE® WHITENING® VIBRANT WHITE Rinse before I brush every morning and evening and I’ve really seen a difference in my smile. Not only does it whiten my teeth but it prevents stains as well. I never miss a day!

BBJ: What’s your favorite red carpet pose?
CAI: Someone pointed out the other day that I usually have one hand on my hip, which I think is a universally flattering pose. But it really depends on what dress and shoes I’m wearing, and how I feel in that particular outfit. I also like to smile when on the red carpet. Not too dramatic.

BBJ: What’s your favorite feature to emphasize – eyes or lips?
CAI: Both! You can’t go wrong with dramatic eyes and a bright, eye-catching smile..with moist lips!

BBJ: Do you prefer updos or free flowing hair?
CAI: I definitely prefer to wear my hair loose. Maybe it has something to do with the laid back feel of growing up in Hawaii. It depends how I’m feeling. If it’s an updo, I try not to have it look too “done.” I like an ease and natural feeling in everything I do.. Everything must be touchable and have its own flow.

BBJ: What do you do to relax before an event like the Emmys? Yoga, shopping, etc.?
CAI: I try to keep a postitive perspective on things. I can’t get too stressed. First I work out… There is nothing like a good workout to get the day going right. Then, everyone comes over to help us get ready and we make it a little party with food and drinks. We like to have a good time… It’s a celebration after all! It’s important to remember not to take things too seriously or you will drive yourself crazy.

Thanks to Carrie Ann for the interview! Dancing with the Stars premiered this past Monday, September 22nd, FYI! Check out the dazzling Carrie Ann on the show.

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