Berry Nails and a Random Update

Morning, gals!

Four things.

*I just read the new DailyCandy book The DailyCandy Lexicon: Words that Don’t Exist but Should and I ADORED it. I’ve long enjoyed their “lexicon” series on the DailyCandy site, and this book contains some of my former faves and some hilar new ones.

For example:
n. A tracking system devised to monitor your ex’s every move (Nancy uses MySpace as GPX.)

n. A group of undesirable sycophants. (The party was fun until Justin showed up with his nontourage.)

Do you LOVE it? Also, I hit up DailyCandy’s White Hot Media party on Tuesday, which was super-fun. It’s been a DailyCandy kind of week!

*In other news, my berry nails I sported to my friend Chopin’s lake house were super popular. My shade? Big Spender ($8), from Essie’s Fall 2008 Collection. It’s a medium violety red. It reminds me of one of my old discontinued Essie faves, Tribeca. My mani is still holding up extremely well, a full week deep. Okay?

*BTW, Chopin, Stephanie, Tiffany and I had a blast on Chopin’s boat where we employed the Stephanie-coined word “boatiquette,” which is obv, etiquette on a boat. You know. As in, you always have to wave to other boaters when you pass, etc.? It’s one of my new fave words.

*Also, apropos of nothing, I have to report the most phenom dating screen name ever: MrDarcy. My roommate told me about this dude, with whom she’s going on a date this week, and I have to applaud his clever choice. Is there any better male archetype than Jane Austen’s famed protagonist? (There isn’t.)

Happy Thursday!

3 Comments Berry Nails and a Random Update

  1. CincyFan

    Ok, “boatiquette” is too damn funny. I hope you remembered your non-skid shoes. I always feel so very Square Pegs preppy when I break out my Sperrys to go sailing with the folks.

  2. Jammahs

    For my most recent DC-pedicure (you have to make an appt, it’s such BS), I used No Boundries from the Essie Fall 08 collection thinking that it would be a “step” toward fall. Not at all. It’s hot pink, not a plum as advertised.

  3. Izzie's Mom :o)

    I’m going to get a mane/pedi tonight just because of this post. I already trying to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of them NOT having this color. I’m obsessed with it.


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