Glow-y Days Week: ModelCo Tan in a Can

Back to Glow-y Days Week, gals. Last week I plum didn’t have enough time to discuss all the self-tanners I’ve been trying of late due to work constraints and various other projects and my impending trip to Montauk Friday through Sunday (which was FAB, BTW!), but we’re so back in full effect this week!

MODELCO Tan Airbrush in a Can ($28): I adore this product, though to love it, there are a few things to note. Before using it, You MUST shower and exfoliate – within 30 minutes of applying. Also of dire importance: it comes out this Incredible Hulk green shade. Do not be alarmed – a few hours later I had the most gorge golden tan. It dries quickly without streaking, and does NOT have any detectable DHA stench (in fact, it smells of delish cocoa butter).

BUT (and this is a big but): the stuff is an absolute MESS. When the instructions on the bottle recommend you cover the floor before using, they really mean you should get a TARP and cover your entire bathroom. It gets over EVERYTHING. I didn’t realize it until afterward. It was on the floor, toilet, sink, walls, and tub. All was covered with a film of self tanner. It was as if Augustus Gloop of Willy Wonka fame was deposited straight from the chocolate river directly into my bathroom with impressive force and left a sticky chocolate film in his wake. Some people recommend using this tanner outside (either naked or wearing a bathing suit), though obv, I cannot do this as I live in NYC.

It’s key not to apply this using its spray nozzle. I put a quarter-sized dollop of moisturizer in my palm and then spray some of the tanner into my hand, mix it together and blend it onto my skin. It still imparts a lovely, healthy glow. Not too dark for my fair skin, but enough that I can wear dresses and skirts without worrying about my fishbelly white pallor. When I want to be slightly darker, I’ll skip mixing in the moisturizer. I recommend exfoliating it all off and reapplying every four days or so. It takes ten minutes to apply and I only have to wait five mins for it to dry, so the entire process is quick and painless.

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