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Last weekend I saw Friends with Kids, which was totally hilarious but beWARE: It was also an emotional GUERILLA WAR.

I’d forgotten I’d told Lavs I’d go with her to see the movie, just knowing I’d love it because of its amazing cast. I think I saw the trailer a good six months ago and promptly forgot the whole plot. So I thought I was going to see a movie about other people with friends with kids. And naturally, I assumed it’d be about how annoying it is, how boring the conversations become (Oh, REALLY? Is your child a baby genius? I’ve never heard anyone SAY that before. Oh, you want me to take three modes of transportation to visit you in your suburb/borough so you can be distracted the whole time? FUN!), how little in common you have with them.

It turns out, it’s not about that at all–and it’s totally my fault for not reading reviews before I went, BTW. It’s about two friends deciding to have a baby outside of a relationship and then the fakeup that clearly ensues and then a very modern When Harry Met Sallyesque journey. It was very real in most ways but very unreal in others. And while I expected to identify with the friends with kids aspect, the fakeup subplot hit me like a drive-by shooting. EVERYONE was crying–and, well, I’m not a crier.

ANYWAY, what struck me throughout the movie on a purely shallow level (obv) was how massively HIGH Jennifer Westfeldt’s cheekbones and how INCREDIBLY glossy and sunny her blonde hair looked throughout. In fact, when her character self-deprecatingly tells Kurt (played by spicy Ed BURNS, P.S.) “I mean, I can put myself together, you know? But I just have good hair,” it struck a chord with me. I believe in the power of a not-so-hot gal upping her overall beauty quotient with some epic locks. Hair can do a lot. Julie’s glossy blonde hair boasts ZERO frizz and constantly looks like it’s just been glazed.

Want to score a Julie-worthy hairstyle on your own? Check out Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner ($8 each at The former’s sulfate free, so it won’t stip your hair of its Julie-levels-of-fabulous COLOR or wreck your keratin treatment, if you have one. And if you don’t have one, the brand makes its own at-home version you can try for yourself.

And tell me: Do you agree that having amazing hair can make even someone with unnoteworthy looks become totally smoking? ALSO, did you see Friends With Kids? What did you think?

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