ELF Partners with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

You guys. I LOVED the first Traveling Pants movie and have plans to see the second with Jamie on opening day. I am 13 on the inside.

Anyway, ELF is supporting the movie in two fun ways:

1. ELF has created two SISTERHOOD KITS. Now, friends, and sisters, can share a gloss (or two or three or four) wherever their journey may lead. On the left, is a six gloss set complete with professional makeup artist train case priced at $15 and on the right are six wearable shades complete with a free mesh sack for easy carrying!

2. ELF is proud to announce FOUR sweepstakes available to consumers!
1. Grand Prize: the opportunity for a “sister” to enter to win a $4,500 trip for two to GREECE!
2. First Prize: Five “sisters” will win the professional makeup artist train case complete with six awesome ELF lip gloss shades!
3. Second Prize: Ten winners will receive the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants DVD!
4. Third Prize: 25 winners will receive a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants poster!
Click here to enter.

Good luck, girls!

8 Comments ELF Partners with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

  1. Amber

    Kristen, I’m DYING. That’s the most hilar thing I think I’ve ever HEARD. WHY in a world where we live as people did you not go OUT with him? He’s spicy. I can’t believe he went to St. Joe’s Prep! I’m doing some investigating.

  2. beautyaddict

    Randomness: My ex-boss’s son was friends with the “Greek guy,” and at one point my boss tried to set me up with him! Boss & family are from St. David’s, and I think Greek guy went to St. Joe’s Prep, so I’m guessing he’s from your neck of the woods, Amber!

  3. Amber

    Hey Nurseexec, I’ve included a link. Sorry about that! That’s what happens when you work and blog at the same time.

    Hi Beauty Addict! You’re a DOLL for saying that. I may or may not be growing out my hair as a result of my addiction to Gossip Girl.

    Jet Set Girls,

    I LOVE that Greek guy. He’s about 25% of why I’m dying to see the new one on opening day. Truth be told, Alexis is my fave “Pants” character. 🙂


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