Bring on the Heat

My friend Nicola sent me a bundle of “feel better” gifts last week (she’s great like that), all of which I’ve been loving. The first gem among them is Frederic Fekkai Coiff Defense Pre Style Thermal/UV Protectant. I thought this was a simple heat protectant in spray form. You know, the kind Neutrogena Heat Safe made famous in the 90s (I obv owned it). It’s a protectant spray, but it functions more as a leave-in conditioner. Intended for all hair types, it provides hold, restores hair’s natural moisture balance with rice protein, jojoba protein and panthenol, in addition to providing UV/environmental protection.

I used it before blowing out my hair last night and my hair hasn’t felt this soft in a WHILE. And yet, when I typically use a leave in (the gloppy creme kind) my hair gets this icky texture that’s reminiscent of glue or something. Like it’s heavy and TOO moisturized. Meanwhile, without it, my ends are VISIBLY thirsty. V. frustrating, n’est-ce pas? This spray helps me achieve that balance. Apply all over hair, concentrating on ends before blow drying.

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