All Hallow’s Eve

Okay, so remember I said I wasn’t participating in the Slut Olympics? I changed my mind. I mean, you already heard about my girlcrush on her. What can I say? I was inspired by this:

You don’t even KNOW. My roommate C has a headset just like Judy’s from Time Life. It’s so on. I’ll glammunicate with you tomorrow. Don’t you love that word? Thank my fabulous coworker/savior Heather for learning about its existence on the Tyra Banks Show. What did I do with out it? I MAJORED in Glammunications.

2 Comments All Hallow’s Eve

  1. fabulista1

    Thanks, milcil. I found it on YouTube! Isn’t it… the BEST! I obv noticed that that was the The Hills dress. My friend Lauren has it, I NEED to find out where she got it and buy the grey one immed if not sooner.

  2. Leah

    Where on God’s green Earth did you even find this? It’s the BEST. Good for you for participating in the slut Olympics this year. With your recent discovery of Glammunications degree you clearly had no choice. In the video I did notice the dress worn in both pink and grey which LC recently showcased on her visit to NYC to see Amy Astley-you know, the one LC told Whitney she had in her closet for just that occasion.


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