Do yourself a favor and see Superbad immediately if not sooner. I emerged from the theater two hours later with my face STREAKED with Diorshow. From LAUGHING. I must have a teenage boy’s sense of humor, because those jokes were SO up my alley. And I officially adore Michael Cera (not in THAT way, in a “why are you such a hilar little MUFFIN” way). Even better: he shares my birthday (albeit 8 years later). I’ve officially changed the triple birthday (originally for Prince, Allen Iverson and myself) to a QUADRUPLE birthday to include Michael Cera. He kills me. See the movie and get back to me.


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  1. Specialkalle

    Mwahaha I loved superbad too. I don’t care if I have the sense of humor of an 18 year old boy. McLovin was awesome, and I LOVED seth rogen and bill hader (from snl) as the cops. Another win for Judd Apatow.

  2. Anonymous

    OMG OMG—Love him! Did you ever watch him on Arrested Development as George Michael Bluth….who had a woody for his cousin Mabee? If you have not seen Arrested Development then I beg you to go rent the DVDs. It is brilliantly twisted. I heart Jason Bateman so very much.

    I have not seen Superbad, but I am going soon.

    Lovely day to you–oh and blogger will not lemme sign in–this is Parisjasmal/Monkeyposh/Jen/Nimrod



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