Remember the Ti-Tan (When you Need Some Color, Stat)

I can proudly claim that Neova Ti-Tan Sunless Tanner is the least DHA-smelling self-tanner I’ve tried yet. It manages to actually smell almost like nothing. It exudes the faintest smell resembling that of Basis soap, that’s really it. It’s also moisturizing, a nice twist on a tanner, so that you don’t need to pre-lotion. It’s also waterproof (no residue two days later on your white bath towels) AND lasts 3 full days. Rock some and be as tan as Leona of “What are you, a camel? I gotta get a sip, skedaddle!” fame. Just buy a pair of sparkly flip flops and the look is complete.

It’s $22.40 on

1 Comment Remember the Ti-Tan (When you Need Some Color, Stat)

  1. Anonymous

    Love that you’ve been blogging so much! Miss you in Denver already, and so glad you decided to show Kelly some lurve.


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