I Self-Tan, Therefore I am

Rodial Instant Glow Self Tan Gel is the newest gem in my arsenal. I was previously hooked on Lancome’s Flash Bronzer Airbrush Self Tan Spray… but not anymore. While the stuff makes you a gorgeous, deep bronze… it smells like HELL. Like you just dived into a vat of quarters Scrooge McDuck-style. Rodial, on the other hand, is tinted when you apply (making for fewer streaks after it develops in 2-4 hours) and smells like a caramel DREAM. Seriously. When I heard it smelled good, my reaction was reminiscent of the one I had when I learned that it wasn’t The Police who sing “Owner of a Lonely Heart” and in fact was some band called Yes. Seriously. I was all, “you mean to tell ME that that’s not Sting”. Ladies, it’s true. The color doesn’t rub off on clothes so you don’t need to stand around naked for hours. It’s also intended for face and body. I just used it on my body since it contains avocado and coconut oil and if I put that on my face, I’d have more zits than an adolescent… Those with a calmer epidermis should try it out, however. Apply after thorough exfoliation with a body scrub and an application of lotion. Available for $49 on the Bliss website.

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