Who the Hell is Jacob?

I mean, why are we even going to have Wednesdays if LOST is on hiatus? And the worst part (for me) is that I’ll miss the first TWO episodes in February because I’ll be on Birthright Israel. Which will be fantastic, but I HATE that I’ll miss not one but two episodes. You know I’ll try to find a way to see it while I’m eating hummus and touring Tel Aviv.

So. I hated the Kate/Sawyer steamy scene. I certainly didn’t want Sawyer to DIE, I adore the comic relief he brings to the otherwise heavy show. And let’s be honest, he’s not so bad to look at. But when it comes to a choice between Sawyer and JACK, it’s JACK. I love how Jack channeled Jack Bauer in the last 3 minutes during Ben’s procedure and cut his “kidney sac” (ew) giving him only an hour to live if the Others didn’t cooperate. And is it just me or has Tom become a total mensch? He is definitely my favorite Other. He’s been increasingly human this season: he was nice to Kate about her clothes (“Let me know if they don’t fit, Kate”) and was trying to stop Danny from killing Sawyer by making Ben aware of his plans, and you could just see the poor dear’s heart sink when he saw that Ben was close to dying if he didn’t shake a leg and get Danny on that walkie talkie.

One thing: did you see the Eko stick and how they focused on what it said? Wild, right? I wonder what that’s about? I guess we’ll have to wait until February, because OF COURSE John did us no favors and simply LOOKED NORTH. Sometimes that show gives me trichotillomania (November 9th’s word of the day from my Word-of-the-Day calendar…if you don’t know what it means, look it up, dear).

Also, strangely enough, that was not the first time taco night was mentioned on LOST. It was mentioned this time when Kate (Monica) was shopping for “taco night” while on the phone with husband Kevin. When Hurley and Dave were playing basketball, they were planning on attending “taco night” at the hospital. Adding more validity to the speculation that this is indeed all a hallucination inside Hurley’s mind while he’s still at the hospital? I can’t remember whether or not the writers denied that, but that seems to be the theory that makes the most sense.

I am going to check out some spoilers because I simply cannot live like this until February.

What do you think?

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