Does Your Halloween Costume/Concept Require Big Hair? Then Read on….

I know, teasing is ridic on a normal basis, but so necessary for Halloween. Once you’ve dried your hair using a big fat round brush, ample amounts of Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray and the frizz serum of your choice (you know I prefer John Frieda’s), break your hair at the crown into 4 or so sections (after you’ve used Bumble and bumble aerosol powder). Then, take a fine toothed comb and rough up your hair so it looks like a brillo pad. Seriously. The bigger and more “Cousin It” the better. Then take a paddle brush (not bristle) and lightly comb over the top of it to smooth it out. It’s supposed to be a gnarled mess underneath though, don’t brush it too much. You won’t be able to see the mess if you comb over it well enough. Use a strange amount of hairspray afterwards.

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