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Amber Katz is the founder and writer of Beauty Blogging Junkie. She also contributes pop culture articles regularly to MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog and Elle.com, Daily Glow and Refinery29, was a community expert on Philips’ Crystalize skin care website and has written for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Nylon, instyle.com and the now defunct Girlfriend Getaways. Her proudest moment was achieved when this happened

Amber’s beauty bent began when she was in elementary school: She insisted on giving her brother weekly “face treatments,” which were essentially facials. In exchange, she would tolerate hours of letting him monopolize the TV with “boy cartoons” like Thundercats and Transformers.

Though her passion was (and is) devoted to shimmery shadows, creams, potions and lotions, she worked in various corporate capacities which did not necessarily reflect that interest. Amber spent seven years working as a financial writer and editor. In early 2006, she launched Beauty Blogging Junkie, a fusion of beauty news and reviews, pop culture references and personal anecdotes. Amber’s always felt as if she… WON something when she identified a pop culture reference. She hopes you feel the same way when you pinpoint one of her (perhaps) obscure ones. 

Amber has been flown to Tahiti in the name of monoi oil research. She’s explored the terrain of Morocco, experiencing spa treatments featuring the country’s best argan oil. She was one of just nine bloggers to have the opportunity to create her own MAC cosmetic–a gorgeous eye shadow called Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle, inspired by her favorite film Valley of the Dolls. Amber has written an Olay advertorial for Vogue‘s September issue, attended a Miss America pageant, courtesy of Wen Hair Care, in addition to incredible other opportunities afforded her because of her work on Beauty Blogging Junkie.

Beauty Blogging Junkie was listed as one of the top ten hottest beauty blogs by Women’s Wear Daily. Beauty Blogging Junkie has since been featured in The New York TimesGlamour, PEOPLE Style Watchglamour.com, luckymag.com, allure.com, style.comcosmopolitan.com and nymag.com’s The Cut blog.

Some shameless self promotion from others…

Thank you for your post about my Japanese Agarwood fragrance. Weaving the description of the fragrance with the whole Damsel in Distress/Fair Maiden images is so original, amusing and fitting ~ thank you!
Lisa Hoffman, Creator of Lisa Hoffman Skincare and wife of Dustin Hoffman

“If it’s sassy, funny writing on everything from eye shadow to hairspray to butt slimmers, Beauty Blogging Junkie is a great place to start. Blogger Amber Katz “achieves balance by discussing beauty here instead of at work to men in suits” by dishing on all the products that cross her path. And the blog is updated all the time. This beauty queen has got spunk.”
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“Amber Katz is totally funny in person and she has a quick-witted blogging voice to match. I love her sometimes obscure pop cultural references and never-ending obsession with finding that perfect hair product to get shampoo-commercial girl hair.” Sugarshock Beauty Blog

DISCLAIMER: I receive many of the items I review directly from beauty PR reps for CONSIDERATION only. Reviews on site are unbiased and unrelated to advertising or affiliate relationships.Any sponsored posts will be labeled as such explicitly.

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