One Small Health Hack: Blackout Drapes

Have you ever noticed that most people who brag about how they never sleep pretty much look… as if they never sleep? Like, I’ll bet Steve Bannon is one of those people who’s positively elated to breathlessly report he gets four hours a night. When you don’t sleep enough, it shows in your skin, your personality, and your body.

I’m not the greatest sleeper, which is why when I stay at someone else’s apartment, I bring a sleep mask. At home, I have a tried-and-tested system of blackout drapes, pillows, the best mattress, and super-soft sheets, all from sleep startup Tomorrow Sleep.

When I first installed these drapes, I actually slept an hour later than I normally do — and it was the weekend of the beginning of Eastern Standard Time, meaning I really slept an extra TWO hours, thanks to these incredible light-blocking curtains of genius. AND I even got them in Linen, a light shade, which manages still to block out the light. For $45 each (one fits each of my windows, so I have two total), my bedroom is dark AF, helping me stay asleep until I want to wake up — key for me, as I need 7+ hours to function and am actually at my best at 8. For a creative person who writes for a living, I can’t overstate the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Get involved with Tomorrow Sleep Blackout Drapes now.

Disclosure: Samples provided by Tomorrow Sleep, however, all opinions herein are my own.


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