5 Rules For Life: Sia Cooper

Sia Cooper is a certified personal trainer and writes the blog, Diary of a Fit Mommy. Her mission is to create fit mommies one at a time. Sia trains thousands of women online from across the globe with her 12-week home workout program called The Strong Body Guide which is easily accessible-no gym needed! She also posts free daily workouts on her social media pages to inspire moms everywhere to be their best, healthiest selves. Here, she shares her 5 Rules For Life, in her words.

1. Love What You Do.

I spent way too much of my life doing what I felt like I should be doing based off what my parents wanted for me. I became a nurse and I hated it-I was miserable. I was always told that you should do what you love and that it wouldn’t feel like work. Once I quit that career path and became a personal trainer, I understood this valuable rule! I love what I do now and it does not feel like work.

2. Choose Family.

Work may have you majorly busy, but you cannot put your family on the back burner. When faced with having to prioritize work or family choose your family, kids, or spouse because today will be a distant memory. Sure, you may have serious deadlines to knock out right then and there, but after you are done, make those moments count before the day ends.

3. You Are Your Best Friend.

What I have learned is that you should be your own BFF.  You know your own desires, dislikes, passions, and goals. However, most of us have a negative relationship with our own selves due perhaps to conflict from an early childhood event or loss of selfesteem. Let it all go and embrace yourself.

4. Learn to Say No.

Saying “yes” all the time can truly burn your soul out. You cannot please everyone, at once, all of the time. Sometimes saying “no” can feel rejuvenating because you feel in control of the situation and your own life! Do not be afraid to say no! Stand your ground and take charge.

5. Ignore the Haters.

Everywhere you go, you will have critics. People get so brave behind a keyboard, especially. They will literally say anything that they can to break you down and to put a halt to your success. Ignore them and move on. While they are allowed an opinion, you do not have to tolerate being berated. Do what is best for you and do not worry what the haters may say.

Thanks, Sia! Stay tuned for more Five Rules installments. “Five Rules,” is a series on Rouge18 in which I ask others to share their five rules for life about anything and everything. You can learn a lot about a person by reading which five things govern their actions, no? 

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