Fictionary: Mantom

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty- and dating-related words that don’t exist, but should.

I’ve long said I could write a much more entertaining dating blog than a beauty blog, but I don’t like to share that aspect of my bidness with the world. My personal mantra is that men and math are a damn mystery. But I know I’m not alone in experiencing a Mantom.

You know. You’re dating, you’ve gone on several great dates, things are great, la la la, and THEN whether or not the relationship or fakelationship warrants a formal breakup (even via text), this dude pulls a total fade-out and you have no idea why. Mantoms are indigenous to Manhattan, where the dating policy of most guys is similar to the way I operate vis-a-vis getting something to eat at an airport. I’ll settle (I GUESS) for the Cibo tuna sandwich or the Wendy’s spicy chicken. But I keep wondering if there’s another gate with better food, so I go on a pilgrimage for ten minutes only to nearly miss my flight and find that the best of the lot was the Cibo tuna sandwich ANYWAY.

Do I even need to ask if you’ve ever experienced a Mantom? Personally, I’ve experienced The Mantom of the Opera. Tell me your mantom story in the comments. The Mantom Menace, perhaps?

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  2. Carrie

    I like to call this a “Sopranos Ending.” You’re going along thinking everything’s fine, then POOF! He is a thing that once was and you are left having no idea wtf just happened. I love mantom too — and before even reading the post, I knew what it was. That’s a sign of good fictionary. I’d tell one of my mantom tales, but you know them all already!


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