The Best Mascaras For Length & Volume

My lash aesthetic is somewhere between Betty Boop and Middle Eastern beauty influencer, so I don’t have to tell you I take mascara very seriously. So seriously, that I rarely even use it on my top lashes, anyway. It’s mostly an in-between lash extensions (shout-out to my lash ladies Courtney Akai and Clementina Richardson of Envious Lashes for keeping my fringe fierce!) thing for me. But let me tell you, once you’re getting used to natural lashes after a few weeks (sometimes months) of elongated, cat-eye gazes, the transition can be rough. I.e., sometimes I wake up and think, why do I look like a MAN? So, no joke of a clear mascara (seriously, is anything funnier?) is going to do it for me when I’m in that place. This week, there’s been a lot of discussion on the best mascaras for the red carpet. Here, the three best mascaras when you’re on a break  — even Ross from “Friends”-style — from extensions.

best-mascara-maybellineMaybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara The ultimate. It makes me feel like Twiggy without the clumpiness, but with all of the length, definition, and heft. All for SEVEN American dollars!


clinique-lash-doubling-mascaraClinique Lash Doubling Mascara This wet formula does what it says in addition to lengthening beyond belief. I’ve used this one since college and probably could have PAID for college (even at Boston University) with the commission on how many I’ve sold raving about this formula to everyone I knew while I was in college. Side note: I should have been a Clinique lady instead of working at the law school in pursuit of a career in law. Where is that? Sigh.
benefit-roller-lash-mascaraBenefit Roller Lash Mascara I never tire of the retr0-fabulous Benefit Cosmetics marketing, nor the efficacy with which these products are made and Roller Lash is no exception. I believe in lash curlers, but I do not believe in traveling with one and this mascara does it all without the extra device. Tip: Get the travel size, it lasts just as long, is less cumbersome and does just as good a job as the regular.

And if you need more lash lengtheners in your life, here, the best mascaras for sensitive eyes, mascara kits you need now, plus drugstore mascaras to try.

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