You Need To Don Olivia Culpo’s Braided Ponytail, Like, Now

Ghd Brand Ambassador and Celebrity Hair Stylist Justine Marjan created this look at the Sundance Film Festival for the gorgeous Olivia Culpo. Here, she shares how to recreate this edgy Dutch braid ponytail chez you.


Step 1: “First apply Keratin Smooth serum to damp hair then blow dry smooth with a ghd air™ hairdryer ($199) and flat brush. Then create a clean middle part, then another part from the arch of the eyebrow to the crown of the head. Clip the rest of the hair away.”

Step 2: “ Next apply smoothing pomade to the roots then create a Dutch Braid on either side of the middle part. When the braid reaches the crown of the head, create a 3 strand braid to the ends and secure with an elastic. Apply more pomade to the roots of the rest of the hair then use a fine tooth comb to gather into a high ponytail.

Step 3: “Lastly, spray a smoothing brush with high impact hairspray then brush the hair into a smooth pony and secure with a hair bungee. Using the ghd curve® classic curl iron ($199) to curl through the length of the pony then wrap the base with velvet ribbon to finish.”


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