Introducing Van Court


We’ve all, at one point or another, left work after a super-long day and sought refuge in a mani/pedi. No one knows this better than Elle Woods, who roamed Harvard (what, like it’s hard?) for the perfect nail salon after a particularly unfriendly encounter with her ex. Nail salons can be like little havens for women. But 2001, when Elle met Paulette, was pre the NYT nail salon article(s) and 5-free polishes. Nowadays Elle, who would probably frequent SoulCycle and Juice Press,  would be a little pickier when choosing her salon (and I hope Paulette would be too, regarding her place of employment). For the modern Elle Woods, there is Van Court, a new nail salon that promises the healthiest manicure and pedicure possible.

van court
A treatment at Van Court goes beyond surface — with carefully chosen natural products (5- or 9-free lacquers only), medical-grade sterilized equipment, state of the art water purification system, and a strong staff of structured, salaried nail technicians — it’s a place for yogis and sorority sisters alike. With the recent focus on wellness, everyone, from the Elles of the world, to the Vivians, have started to pay more attention to the products they use.
And so should you.
Van Court
90 Water Street, Fl 2
NYC 10005
—Julia Casella

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