How To Ditch The Post Christmas, Pre- NYE Slump

You’ve been caught in a never-ending cycle of commitments since Thanksgiving and yet, it’s still not over. Somehow New Years Eve hasn’t happened. Despite your intense desire to just stay in and sleep, you might have already committed to plans. Here are some beauty products to revive and inspire.
pursomaWith the help of this bath you can make like Jesus, and come back to life. Not to be used on New Years Eve, unless you want to be soundly asleep when the ball drops. I suggest using it the night before. It’s very ritualistic and when I first read the instructions I felt like Abby in that episode of Broad City where she gets sick and Trey tells her to “run a quick 5K, sweat it out, then take an eight-minute nap. Wake up, do a shot of Echinacea, and then jump right into an ice bath. Immediately after that, suck on some ice chips, then urinate as hard and as fast as you can. Then eat a full onion, rub that onion underneath your armpits, any kind of gland, any kind of mucal cavity, okay? It’s called cellular confusion.” But trust me, this bath and its many steps are worth it. You’ll feel like a new person.

dgKick off 2016 with this grown-up glitter explosion nail color.
roloxinA 10 minute facelift, that will at least last you the night, this mask reduces the appearance of wrinkles immediately. And if you’re not worried about wrinkles, it still creates a super soft and smooth base for a flawless makeup look.
chanelTreat yourself to the prettiest lipstick you can find. The color that makes your heart flutter. You 110% deserve it.
—Julia Casella

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