Get Into Emu Australia Dawn Heels


In the summer, it’s a constant struggle to rock knee-length hemlines, because I know I’m going to be walking outside more (I try to walk everywhere that takes 30 minutes or less, unless it’s precipitating or ungodly hot or cold) and my footwear needs to be comfortable. But everyone knows that something knee-length or lower will positively dowdy A.F. without at least a little heel.

The answer? Emu Australia’s cone-heeled Dawn shoe, a 3-inch confection that is the cross-section of comfort and style. In nubuck and leather, this shoe will withstand blocks and blocks of New Yorker-paced movement while cradling my tootsies in softness, thanks to an adjustable strap. And the sand and mint color combo is quite fetching, no?

Buy the Emu Australia Dawn for $159 at

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