Here’s How To KonMari Your Beauty Routine

As NY Mag’s Maureen Conner wrote so perfectly. De-Cluttering Is The New Juice Cleanse, i.e “It is a method for self-improvement that inspires cultlike evangelism — and passive-aggressive social warfare masquerading as cultlike evangelism.”

And while that article (and this brilliantly funny I Simplified My Life By Getting Rid Of All Of Greg’s Possessions That Didn’t Bring Me Joy) are undeniably true, and I refuse to partake in these fads of extremes, there are some beauty products that can help hoarders like me find a little bit of zen. Or at the very least, some space in the shower.


SCHICK Intuition Revitalizing Moisture Razor Women: No shave gel, no problem. The built in skin conditioning solid creates its own lather when wet so you don’t need shave cream + the four blades offer a close shave. One of my favorite razors ever.

Benefit Rollerlash: Bye bye eyelash curler! This mascara’s Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush is coated in tiny, soft hooks, which catch onto your lashes (you can actually feel this happening) to help them lift, curl, and separate.

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Primer Water: This one product acts as a primer to prep your face for makeup application, a setting spray to help hold your look and as a makeup refresher to touch up throughout the day. Lori, the Global Pro Lead Artist for Smashbox says  ‘Prep, Set, Refresh”.


Charlotte Tilbury ‘Filmstars On the Go’ Palette: This isn’t just a glamorous rose gold case (although that would be enough to convince me to buy it), it’s a two-product palette for a full eye, cheek and lip look. The lip-to-cheek cream polish (on the bottom) and the metallic eyeshadow (on the top) blend and build intensity easily. No brush required!

Caudalie Divine Oil: My favorite way to use the oil is on my body post shower because it absorbs quickly and I can get dressed right away. But I also use it on my cuticles, ends of hair when they’re feeling dry, plus it smells divine so you can forgo perfume.
—Julia Casella

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