Score This Crafty Contouring Trick From The Girl Who Almost Won Miss Teen USA


With her pert platinum pixie and penchant for snakes, Miss Teen Pennsylvania/Miss Teen USA 2nd Runner Up Sydney Robertson is a veritable disruption of the stereotypical beauty queen. She was even elected Miss Congeniality, a sizeable accomplishment, considering 50 gals with whom you’re competing for the crown are voting on the matter. Fun fact: Famed actress Cybill Shepherd lost the crown of Miss Teenage America pageant in 1966, also taking home the title of Miss Congeniality and went on to star in one of the biggest television hits of the ‘80s, “Moonlighting.” I anticipate a similar career trajectory for Sydney, and caught up with the aspiring actress to talk about the contouring trick you need now.

Thanks to many modeling gigs, Robertson’s picked up some tricks of the trade from on-set makeup artists. This contouring tip is genius. “You put your primer on and then you apply a darker contouring powder on your cheeks and forehead before applying any liquid foundation and it gives you a soft-looking contour already,” explains Robertson. “To define it more, you can layer contouring powder on top.”

Have you tried this trick?

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