The New Face Of Pantene IS…


When it comes to hair, Pantene knows how to align their brand with the very best in hair culture the world over. The partner they have chosen as an ambassador is to the hair world what Helen was to Troy. Read on to find out about the new face of Pantene. 

The new face of the new Pantene is GISELE! She is the face of the brand’s new Anti-Oxidant (EDDS) range of products.


Oxidative damage happens to  all hair – on a daily basis – and it holds us back from optimum hair health. Oxidation is not completely new to hair, in fact, it’s quite common  – you may know that oxidative damage happens during the coloring process, but Pantene’s new research in this area has shown that oxidation is a concern for all hair types, and that it is linked to a little-known source – copper. While copper is an essential mineral for the body, it can actually build up on hair and wreak havoc through oxidizing and breaking down hair’s proteins, which weakens hair fibers overtime. Severely damaged hair actually absorbs more copper, thus amplifying this damage – a vicious, unavoidable cycle that current products do not address.

Weekly_Rehab_CreÌ?me_Tube_v2 copyIn partnership with the Pantene Hair Research Institute (PHRI), Pantene introduces a new suite of shampoos with Anti-Oxidant (EDDS) technology that helps reduce daily oxidative damage that all hair faces. The new Anti-Oxidant (EDDS) technology will be introduced across most Pantene shampoos, becoming the first global brand designed to prevent protein erosion by minimizing copper accumulation in hair. The new Pantene Damage Detox Collection is designed for women in need of a high level of damage repair, who are looking to essentially ‘reset’ their hair.


Damage Detox is Pantene’s first-to-mass detoxifying shampoo, conditioner and treatment system that cleanses impurities, protects from oxidative damage and provides shine. The collection helps remove copper build-up, reduce oxidative damage and preserve the protein structure of hair. It provides healthy hair every day, but also helps protect the integrity of the protein core over time.


What do you think about Gisele as the new face of Pantene? Is her mane worthy of Pantene fame? Sound off in the comments.

Pantene’s Damage Detox line is available at drugstores nationwide.

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