John Frieda Conair Hot Air Brush Review

When packing for even a two-day trip, I have a tendency to get all Princess Vespa from Spaceballs about it from a luggage standpoint.

I don’t schlep a ginormous hair dryer, but it’s not uncommon for me to pack a travel blow dryer, but also two brushes (one gigantor round one) AND a comb. And then I wonder why I have room for a single pair of heels and have to forgo bringing gym sneakers.

But I’m a heat tool snob (the first step is admitting it), so I had doubts about a blow-dryer brush (the last one I used was in ’98 and it singed my hair off in college) that I could find at a drugstore. And then I tried the John Frieda Conair Hot Air Brush. WHAT? This piece rocks the funk. It helps my hair hold a non-prommy curl all day and yields incredible shine, especially when I first use a standard-issue dryer to blast it 50% of the way dry. Best of all? The ion technology-infused brush makes frizz and static go the way of planet Druidia.

The John Frieda Conair Hot Brush retails for $40 on May the Schwartz be with you.

Are you a fan of the dryer brush? 

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  1. Anonymous

    Do you like this just for travel? Or would it make your everyday styling tool list too? Trying to find an alternative to InStyle (which i use religiously) or the brush+blow dryer (which i suck at) for daily styling.


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