Oscars Hairstyle: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman punctuated her look with emerald-hued baubles and a chic updo that Living Proof stylist Chris McMillan crafted. Says McMillan, “We kept it really chic and simple. Natalie’s hair had a Richard Avedon, 1960s feel. Her dress was empire waist, so her hair had that same 60s vibe. Kate Young, Natalie’s stylist, had sent me some pictures of ideas she had so we started with that for inspiration. Natalie said that from the front it looked like she’d cut her hair short, and then from the back you saw this beautiful French twist. She called it a fakeout short haircut, which she loved.” Here’s the beauty breakdown. 

 “I used Living Proof Prime Style Extender while Natalie’s hair was still damp so that her style would last all night. Then I blew it dry with a round brush from YS Parks – a line of Japanese brushes that’s just unbelievable. I created a classic French twist, using bobby pins and teasing it a bit to give it a bit of a cushion. It wasn’t too high – it was a bit lower on her head, with a really beautiful shape in the back. Last, I used Hold Firm Hairspray to smooth it all down, get rid of any flyaways, and really give it that shiny, smooth, lacquered finish. The whole look – her hair and her dress – looked so chic and modern.”

Thoughts on Natalie Portman’s ‘do?

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