Reader Beauty Q&A: Dana’s Rooty Situation

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Possessionista founder Dana Weiss writes, I waited to long to get my hair colored now I can’t get in with my guy. Big weekend and gray roots. I’m a single-process dark brown. No appointments for two weeks. What do I do?

It’s the worst when you assume you can glide right into one of your mane men’s chairs at a moment’s notice and they’re booked for weeks–especially when you’ve taken some liberties with the length of your service hiatus. What to do?

Depending on how dangerously you want to live, I’d say start with Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer, $24 at I use her blonde one all the time and it’s INCREDIBLE–it withstands wind, snow and rain. The follicular equivalent of the U.S. Postal Service. For two weeks, a little spritz at your roots will camouflage grays well and won’t make your hair too wet so that you have to deal with your natural curl (I’m assuming you have it; we’re all Jews here) coming uninvited to this party. You’ll have to spray it on daily, but it’ll take mere seconds.

If you want a more permanent option, I’d suggest Clairol Root Touch-up ($6 at , but be careful selecting your shade and make sure to read the directions, leaving it on exactly as long as advised. It’ll require less day to day and it may not be perfect, but if the grays are getting to you, it’ll distract you from being aware of their presence. Which is sometimes more of the issue than the higher maintenance aspect of the Rita Hazan spray. Hair color can be very psychological. If it’s a little too light or dark, you’ll be in with your colorist soon enough and you are in the safest category for at-home hair color. I’s worth testing out as an option to extend the time between sessions.

Let me know what happens!

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