Secret Outlast: So Your Pits Aren’t… The Pits

I will pretty much do anything not to sweat.  Read on…

In my apparent agenda to fully emulate a lady of yore, (I fully subscribe to all but extinct dating rituals, I actually faint like a 16th century dame (seriously–it’s happened several times, all unironically) and I frequently forget that I have HD channels, much to Dina‘s exasperation with me) I do everything in my power not to sweat, to only glow. Workout-wise, I stick to Core Fusion and yoga and will go to any lengths to avoid being late. Just the THOUGHT of walking into an event with someone mid-presentation makes me sweaty.

But of course, we can’t control everything (try as this Type A gal MIGHT). Sometimes I’m late due to circumstances beyond my control. Sometimes it’s 75 degrees in March and the heat’s still on at Exhale where I’m barre methoding. And I’m sweating beyond the beyond. Natural deodorants, while a fun idea, don’t do the job for me, but even my usual go-tos don’t keep my pits so dry that they still smell Completely Clean-scent fresh POST-SHOWER. It was even still a go after I swam for half an hour at the gym. Okay?

Enter Outlast, Secret‘s new sweat assassin. It starts working BEFORE you move and keeps you schvitz-free for 48 hours. Like a Basset Hound puppy, that’s just something you never see. Parenthetically, why is every Basset Hound always old as SHIT? It’s weird, right? Is that just an out-of-circulation breed? I think they’re so adorbs, though.

Because we strive to be inspirational, not perspirational, as the great B.B. King is below. Fabulous as he is, the man’s a smidge warm, n’est-ce pas?


But if he rocked Outlast? Well, the thrill would NEVER be gone. Skip the sweat rings on your grey T this summer (why is sweat SO MUCH WORSE on a grey T?) and invest in a tube of Outlast. It’s $6 at

Disclosure: Product provided by Secret PR for editorial consideration. 

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