Holiday Party Ready: Goddess Lashes Mink Lash Strips

My lash extensions preclude me from testing all manner of gorgeous lash accoutrements, but I’m kind of loving these Goddess Lashes Mink Lash Strips, made of pure Siberian mink. They don’t come cheap at $180 (for $150, they’re available without studs), but they can be reapplied to your glamorous heart’s content for years to come. The Siberian Mink Lash Strips are hypo-allergenic, weightless and can be customized to fit the exact shape and size of the eye and includes latex-based adhesive for quick and easy application.

Decorate your gaze with some holiday minked-out bling at

Disclaimer: I don’t own these

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3 Comments Holiday Party Ready: Goddess Lashes Mink Lash Strips

  1. Margaux

    these are an addition that can be used even if you wear lash extensions to get that extra thickness and holiday bling!
    Love them

  2. Amber Katz

    Hi EBoogie,

    It’s a fair point, but they are made of mink and are reusable. Certainly, there are less expensive versions, but I think these are just gorgeous. I go to Courtney Akai in NYC, she uses Nova Lash extensions. I’m a huge fan.

  3. EBoogie

    these look awesome, but at that price, you might as well get the extensions! what kind do you have right now? i’m wondering if i should try mink extensions or stick to the synthetics…


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