Channel A Look: ‘The Hunger Games’ "Beauty Base Zero"


    If you don’t want to give up your entire lifestyle for the time it takes to read three books, then don’t even get involved with The Hunger Games. That shit is RIVETING. I was so heavily involved, I could not put it DOWN. The novels are perfectly paced and build suspense like nothing I’ve read before. I literally skipped half of Fashion Week to run home to my duvet and Katniss and Peeta. Read on…

    What’s awesome about the book: The creative character names, the futuristic sci-fi ness of it all. What was KIND of disappointing? The lack of detail surrounding technological advances, considering author Suzanne Collins has confirmed that it’s at least 100 years into the future. It’s actually hard to believe the story even takes place in present day, what with the lack of cell phones or improvement thereof.

    One thing I can’t stop thinking about (among others, seriously, the plot is beyond intense) is the concept Suzanne describes called Beauty Base Zero, which the stylists throw around in reference to one of Katniss’ many looks throughout the trilogy. Beauty Base Zero is described as the pure, raw state in which you must put yourself before you begin to add on layers of polish and makeup and whatever. The beauty equivalent of ground zero, if you will. Here’s what I recommend to create your own Beauty Base Zero look.

    • FACE Stockholm Nektar in Nypros ($20) I know, I can’t stop talking about this gloss this week. But it’s the perfect amount of balm to aid dry lips while adding a subtle, glittery glow. I’d also recommend rocking it on your cheeks and lids for a clean, beauty base zero effect.

    Have you read The Hunger Games? Tell me everything. Go.

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    6 Comments Channel A Look: ‘The Hunger Games’ "Beauty Base Zero"

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    2. sel

      YES. i spent an entire (sunburned) day at the beach reading Catching Fire (my favorite) on the porch. Had no concept of time. Didn’t eat. Literally could. not. put. it. down.

    3. Rachael

      I was obsessed with this trilogy! Honestly, it consumed my life. I would stay up reading them until 2 or 3 and get up at 7 for work–ridic.
      I was a little disappointed in Mockingjay, unfortunately. I felt like Collins rushed to finish it and was doing more “telling” than “showing,” you know?
      Can’t wait for the movies! Here’s hoping they don’t butcher this story, a la The Lovely Bones.

    4. Melissa Walker

      I love that you worked this together so seamlessly! I wept after I finished MOCKINGJAY over the summer. Those books killed me! So super good. Cannot wait for movies, fingers crossed.

    5. Courtney

      Oh. Em. Gee. The Hunger Games. I listened to it on my iPod when running, and some days I would extend my workout JUST so I could keep listening. And I listened in bed and while just walking around the house. Addictive.

      Love the “Beauty Base Zero” concept! Can’t wait for the movies to get rolling!


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