pureDKNY Fragrance Partners with CARE and Angela Lindvall

“pureDKNY speaks to the core essence of who I am and what I want to touch – the people and children I love, and being at one with nature. It’s about those little moments that bring you joy, pure and simple.” –Donna Karan

Vanilla scent lovers, listen up: Donna Karan has introduced a new fragrance called pureDKNY. The scent achieves its goal of being very simple and pure, from the scent to the bottle to the packaging–everything is simple and chic.

At pureDKNY’s heart is a “drop of Vanilla in water” as the signature note, which is sourced from vanilla bean farmers in Uganda, the majority of whom are women. The floral scent also features a Dew-drop Petal Accord, Lotus Flower, and Bulgarian Rose, which harmonize with the floral heart of Transparent Jasmine, Freesia and Lush Orchid. The finish notes include White Amber, Creamy Sandalwood and a drop of Vanilla in water. The scent is a win for vanilla fans–it’s light, sophisticated and sweet with an earthiness about it that will suit green-minded gals and girls who couldn’t give a flying about recycling (not that that’s remotely okay. Just saying).

pureDKNY, as you may know, is a subset of DKNY that strives to be responsible, conscious and environmentally aware. With that in mind, the glass bottle (inspired by a rain drop) is 100% recyclable and the carton is printed with lower VOC inks and made from Certified Forest paper. 

pureDKNY is also partnering with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, to help these women who are playing an integral role in the creation of the fragrance. It will help make a little difference in the world.

The epically gorge Angela Lindvall stars in the ad campaign. She is inspiringly eco-conscious (hence the choice for her to star in the ad) and manages to pull off natural beauty to a tee. She’s also totally sweet, down to earth and very smart. A bunch of fellow bloggers and I had a chance to chat with her at the launch event.

pureDKNY is available exclusively at Nordstrom beginning in July 2010 and will be available in  fine department stores nationwide in August 2010, as well as DKNY.com.

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