Vomitatious News: Your Shower Head Contains Up to 15 Kinds of Bacteria

Dolls, ew.

Sometimes it’s all puppies and daisies here at BBJ; others, it’s… not so much. Today is one of those days. So here’s the story: My mother has a tendency to let issues of The New York Times pile up at my parents’ house in Philly and has, evidently, JUST gotten to the Science section of the September 14th issue. What’s the vomitatious news? This article, Bathing, but Not Alone discusses how showers in New York carry a high dose of a microbe called Mycobacterium avium related to TUBERCULOSIS. I mean, how Oregon Trail is that? I suddenly feel the need to pamper my OXEN lest they bite the dust before the end of the TRIP.

The article suggests that metal shower heads breed fewer bacteria than plastic, so I suggest that if you live between the Hudson and the East rivers, you throw out your plastic shower head immed if not sooner. Mine happens to be metal, but I’m so skeeved, I’m actually planning to replace it anyway. Let me know if you have any shower head (metal, obv) suggestions.

What are your thoughts on this? Tell me in the comments!

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3 Comments Vomitatious News: Your Shower Head Contains Up to 15 Kinds of Bacteria

  1. Superficially Cheap

    If you have a metal shower head, there’s really no need to replace it just yet. Just soak it in a bowl of white wine vinegar – not only will the vinegar kill the bacteria that may be growing on your shower head, it will remove any lime, rust, and other mineral deposits that may (and if you live in NYC, most def ARE) present.

    For other tips (shameless plug alert!) check out: http://www.superficiallycheap.com

  2. Yasmin

    YUCK! it’s probably worse where the water is worse! now i’m gonna think about the TB flowing down my body in the shower! bleeeeh! do they have antibacterial body wash? haha


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